Car Key Stopped Working?

Car Key Stopped Working?!

Car Key Stopped Working?! Here are Some Tips to Help You go out to your car, and when you try to start it, or even just unlock the door, the key is just not working.  Of course, you contact a reliable locksmith, but while you are waiting, you try to figure out why the key […]

What Is a Do Not Duplicate Key?

What Is a Do Not Duplicate Key

CALL US 613.627.2954 What Is a “Do Not Duplicate Key”, and Can It Be Copied? You are standing looking at your key for the first time and noticing a “do not duplicate stamp” on it, right! Now you wonder, “What happens if something goes wrong with the key? Can you copy it, and is it […]

Why Are Car Keys So Expensive?

Way car key are so expensive

CALL US 613.627.2954 Why Are Car Keys So Expensive? Let’s look at the many factors in lost car key replacement and car key programming. Share on facebook Share on twitter There are many factors when it comes to replacing lost car keys and your car key programming. Especially these days with vehicles outfitted with modern […]

Common Door Violations in Businesses

Common Door Violations in Businesses

613.627.2954 CALL US (613) 627-2954 Common Door Violations in Businesses Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on reddit Reddit Share on pinterest Pinterest Door & Lock Violations in Businesses Keeping employees and customers safe while on their premises is one of a business owner’s most important responsibilities. This […]

Locksmith Price List (2022 Guide)

Locksmith Price List In Canada (2022 Guide)

CALL US 613.627.2954 Locksmith Price List In Canada (2022 Guide) The cost of a locksmith in 2022 depends on a number of factors, such as the specific service needed, and the type of lock or locks that the locksmith must handle or replace. The following information will provide a high-level overview of typical locksmith costs […]

Alarm Systems

Ottawa Locksmith > Blog > Alarm Systems 5 Reasons Why Security Alarm Systems Are A Smart Investment Regardless of whether you have rented an apartment or are living in your own home, the one thing that you must absolutely ensure is adequate safety of your property and its inmates. With the advancement in technology of home […]

Locksmith in Ottawa

CALL US 613.627.2954 How To Become A Professional Locksmith in Ottawa Locksmith Duties Being a locksmith in Ottawa is a valuable, skill-based profession that can be a steady source of income for years to come as long as human beings require locks. Locksmiths perform a variety of services such as new locks replacement, emergency locksmith […]

Locksmiths Secrets

Locksmith Ottawa > Blog > Locksmiths Secrets Secrets Most Locksmiths Won’t Tell You A locksmith is a unique and skill-based trade that is only appreciated when you lose your car keys or house keys. Locksmiths have always been one of the most under-appreciated groups as most people assume that opening locks is all they are good […]

Services of an Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Locksmith Ottawa > Blog > Services of an Auto Locksmith Services of an Auto Locksmith Any locksmith and especially auto locksmith provide all kind of services, which are related to locking, and security systems of vehicles and which are creating problem for you. Any locksmith and especially auto locksmith provide all kind of services, which are […]

Reliable & Professional Locksmiths in Ottawa

Locksmiths in Ottawa

Locksmith Ottawa > Blog > Reliable & Professional Locksmiths in Ottawa Reliable & Professional Locksmiths in Ottawa When looking for a locksmith you will want to look for the most reliable and the best professional locksmith in your place. Since the task undertaken by your locksmith consists of securing your valuable belongings and your security. Firstly the locksmith’s […]