10 Surprising Uses for Locksmith Services

When selecting Speedy Locksmith Ottawa, you will be surprised at everything we can do.
The fact is that we have one of the oldest jobs in the world.
And it is not only about unlocking your house doors or car. 

10 Surprising Uses for Locksmith Services

1) Apartment Building Mailbox Lock Replacement

Apartment Building Mailbox Lock Replacement

With apartment buildings, mail security is a huge deal, and it all starts with the lock.
So, if you have any problems with your building mailbox lock, we can help.
Whether you have a damaged lock, a malfunctioning key, or one misplaced key, we can help with replacement locks. 

2) Unlocking Bicycle Locks

Unlocking Bicycle Locks

Our locksmiths have extensive knowledge to help unlock your bike lock without the need to use a key.
So, call us if you want to damage your bike lock or find yourself accused of stealing.
We can help with unlocking bicycle locks with our professional locking systems. 

3) Motorcycle Key Replacement

Motorcycle Key Replacement

Our locksmiths use the motorcycle ignition cylinder code or the whole ignition cylinder to make you a new key.
Or you can reorder a key from a local dealer, but it will take longer and be more costly. 

4) U-Haul Storage Lockout

U-Haul Storage Lockout

Have you locked yourself out of your U-haul storage system? Our locksmiths can use several methods to open locks without damaging them.
We can also help you cut spare keys to keep at home. 

5) Camera Doorbell Installation

You have bought a camera doorbell but need help installing it.
Or you could invest in one and have it installed. Then hiring one of our professional locksmiths will offer you convenience and peace of mind knowing that it is installed correctly.
Refrain from struggling with a camera doorbell installation.
Instead, call Speedy Locksmith Ottawa today.

6) U-Haul Truck Key Replacement

Has your U-Haul storage compartment key got lost or damaged? Then you will be glad to hear we can provide you with a U-haul truck key replacement.
You need not stress, as our mobile locksmiths will come to your location to provide you with a new set of keys.
Not only do we do key replacements, but we can help replace a U-haul truck lock.

TIP: Uhaul has installed the key code on the passenger side post next to the windshield for just these types of emergencies.

7) Battery Boost Service

Battery Boost Service

Speedy Locksmith Ottawa is also a trustworthy automobile assist locksmith offering you roadside assistance.
If you find yourself stuck alongside the road with a flat battery, we can help.
Call us to help you with an emergency battery boost service to get you safely back on the road. 

8) File Cabinet & Desk Locks

File Cabinet & Desk Locks

No lock is too difficult for our team of professionals to handle.
Whether you have a desk lock that is stuck or damaged or a file cabinet lock giving problems, we can help.
We can help to change the file cabinet and desk locks or provide you with a new set of keys

9) Washing Machine Lock Replacement and Repairs

Washing Machine Lock Replacement and Repairs

Do you have a laundromat and found your washing machine lock needs repair or replacement? Then you can contact us to have it done at your place.
We provide new washing machine locks and can help with repairs.
Refrain from letting a damaged lock on your washing machine cause problems in your business or home.

10) Antique Lock Restoration

Antique Lock Restoration

You have received an antique piece from your grandparents, but the locks need replacing. Whether it is a desk, dresser, or any other vintage furniture piece with locks, we can help.
We will assess the piece to provide you with an antique lock restoration to ensure it works perfectly. 

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