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If you have a lock that needs repair, Speedy Locksmith in Ottawa can provide you with professional locksmith services. We offer emergency locksmith service for repairs when you need them.
We are a local locksmith company and offer mobile services for automotive, commercial, and residential customers.
Our professional locksmiths possess the tools and expertise to work on locks from the top manufacturers.

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Common Lock Repairs We Handle

A Frozen Lock

A frozen lock is one of the most common locksmith repairs in the winter.
The key can be inserted into the lock, and removed, but the key cannot turn the lock.
The lock may be repaired with proper lubrication, but forcing the lock to turn with the key may damage the key and lock.
A seized lock can be an inconvenience, but Speedy Locksmith is here to help with 24-hour mobile lock repair.

Tips to open a frozen lock:

  • Buy a lock De-Icer
  • Heat the key
  • Hand Sanitizer (can melt the ice inside the lock within seconds)
  • Don’t Use Hot Water

A Stuck or Disengaged Bolt

The bolt of a lock can become stuck, making it difficult or impossible to open the lock.
When a bolt is stuck, the repair requires tools and experience that most homeowners and business owners do not have.
At Speedy Locksmith, we can repair or replace the lock and help you get back into your home or business.

The Door Is Not Latching

A door may sometimes have difficulty latching when closed.
This is usually caused by a misalignment of the latche and strike plate.
We can make the right adjustments to ensure that everything lines up properly and you can close your door without worry of it not latching.

A Broken Key Is Stuck In the Lock

When you try to lock or unlock the door and the key breaks in the lock it can be a disaster.
Broken keys can be the result of rushing to get somewhere and turning the key too forcefully.
If your key breaks in the door, Speedy Locksmith can remove the key fragment from the lock and craft you a new key 24-hours a day with our mobile broken key removal service. 

Methods for Removing a Broken Key Stuck in a Lock​

  • Professional Key Extractor Tools
  • Makeshift Extractor Tools
  • Super Glue

Tip: You can only remove the key if the cylinder is NOT TORNED.

The Key Cannot Be Inserted

If the key cannot be inserted into the lock, and you are certain it is the right key, the key is likely damaged or poorly made.
The problem can quickly be resolved by Speedy Locksmith with a properly made duplicate key.

Tip: You can use spray lubricant and then try to insert the key.

The Lock Turns Slowly

A slow turning lock can be an inconvenience on top of your busy day.
The lock may not be turning quickly because it is dirty or worn out.
We can give your lock a professional inspection and ensure the lock is well cleaned and lubricated.
This will allow the lock to turn efficiently for years to come.

Tip: You can use spray lubricant and then try to turn the key DO NOT force the key to turn.

If you are having any problems with your locks, contact Speedy Locksmith or call us at 613-627-2954 for 24-hour mobile service in the Ottawa area.

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