FAQ's about Our Locksmith Services

Frequently asked questions about our Emergency, Residential, Commercial and  auto locksmith.

Frequently Asked Questions - Emergency Locksmith

I am locked out of my house. Can you help me out ?

Yes. we can. We offer 24h Emergency locksmith services around Ottawa with response time of just 20 minutes.

Will my lock still work after you open it?

Yes, picking a lock or opening a car does not damage the lock or car. Note, locks like high security locks needs to be drilled. Then the lock will need to be replaced.

I forgot my keys in my car, can you help me ?

Yes, Out technicians at Speedy Locksmith Ottawa can open any car contact us at (613) 627-2954 for immediate help.  

My house/business keys are missing, do I need to replace my locks?

The odds of a burglar using a lost key to enter your home are very slim, but we still recommend replacing or rekeying your locks after losing house/business keys.

Frequently Asked Questions - Residential Locksmith

Should I change the locks when I move home?

Yes, we believe changing locks or the cylinders should be a priority when you move into a new home.

I Can’t Lock My wooden Door, I have to force is. WAY?

Sometimes due to very poor weather conditions the door/frame can warp.
This all affects alignment of the hardware on your door. This is usually a quick and simple problem to fix.

I want to open all doors in my house with one key, is this possible?

Yes. If you have a key with the same keyway (that slides into all your locks), then we can simply re-key the locks. If your key does not slide into a certain lock (or locks) then those locks will need to be replaced.

I want a keyless / Digital locks do you install those locks?

Yes we stock, supply and install both mechanical and “stand alone” electronic digital locks.

Are You Able To Add A New Deadbolt On My Door?

Absolutely yes! In order to add a new deadbolt on your door, we need to drill a new hole and align the bolt with the door frame.

How long does the service typically take to perform?

For basic lock or key service, it can take about an hour.

I lost the key to my mail box, How do I Resolve Mailbox Lost Key Issues?

We will come out and open up your mailbox for you with our special keys and replace your mailbox lock.

Frequently Asked Questions - Commercial Locksmith

What lock should i install at my store / office ?

We always recommend an high security lock like Mul-T-Lock

What is a High Security key?

These keys are used for key control, so the owner can regulate the number of keys given out. These keys are totally regulated by the manufacturer, suppliers, and professional Locksmiths. Keys are restricted and can only be cut by Locksmiths.

What payment forms does Speedy Locksmith Ottawa accept?

We are accepting credit card, debit card and cash.

What if I need service, but the person who is paying for the service will not be on site?

Not a problem. We use a secure credit card system where we can send whoever is paying for the services a credit card authorization form e-mail. They simply fill out the form and send it back to us. It can also be filled out on smart phone.

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