The average doors in homes and small businesses consist of simple metal or wood construction.

Over time, the door frame and locking mechanisms will suffer wear and tear.
The older the door mechanism is, the more likely that it could be kicked in by an intruder, which places the occupants of the building at greater risk.

It’s important to protect your family or employees with appropriate security measures.


Latch protectors
Latch protectors
SCAR PLATE for door damaged by prying
Plate for door damaged by prying

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At Speedy Locksmith, there are three major ways our technicians can better protect your building.
We can inspect your door and recommend one of these reliable services:

Installation of a door frame plate:

  • We install this mechanism on the door frame or door jamb.
  • This protector makes a soft door frame stronger.
  • It increases the integrity of the door and furnishes extra protection against kick-ins.
  • It helps to reinforce a door frame damaged in a previous burglary. 

Installation of a door edge protector:

  • We add this to the door’s edge where the lock is.
  • It eliminates the gap between the door and the frame.
  • It reduces the risk of the door splitting open when someone forces entry.
  • It prevents the door from collapsing if there is glass next to the frame.
  • It provides more security to a previously damaged door. 

Installation of a door hinge protector:

  • We add this where the hinges are, which makes these areas stronger.
  • It prevents the hinges from falling off during a kick-in.
  • If other protective mechanisms are bolstering the door, when an intruder attempts to get in, the energy will shift to the hinges, and they will give in.

You want to keep everyone in your home or business safe.
We can come out and inspect your door frames and suggest the best mechanism.
These additional security features will make it harder for intruders to penetrate the premises.
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