Honda Ignition & Door Lock Repair

Honda Key Won’t Turn or Sticky in The Lock

It can be quite frustrating when you enter the key into your Honda vehicle’s ignition, and it gets stuck or fails to turn.
you have tried all possible solutions to no avail? Worry no more! Speedy Locksmith has got you covered. 

Honda Car Key Replacement Ottawa

Reasons Why Your Honda Lock Is Not Working

Here are some reasons why your correctly working Honda vehicle key has abruptly stopped working:

- The key is damaged

If the key to you’r Honda opens and closes the door, the problem might be lying on the ignition, but if it not opens the door, then you might need to replace the key itself for any possible damages. The key may be bent or worn out.

- The gear has shifted

Often, you’r Honda may have an automatic transmission, which results in a gear shift.
If the key has stuck in the ignition, you might want to check if the gear has moved from its rightful place.
You may turn on the ignition, then gently return the gear to a park position to enable you to remove the key successfully.

- Accumulated pressure on the wheel

Depending on where the vehicle is packed, there might be an accumulation of pressure on the wheel.
Moderately turning the wheel in the same direction and then inserting the key into the ignition enables your vehicle to get moving.

- A faulty ignition cylinder

Over time, the ignition lock cylinder may wear out or get jammed. Always check if anything is obstructing the key from entirely going into the cylinder and then blow it out to flush out the object. If there is nothing in there and the key still fails to go in smoothly, then it’s time to replace the cylinder to avoid your key getting stuck.

What Is Exactly Broken in The Lock

Honda vehicles typically use the split wafers system meaning that two half of a wafer has to be attached to create a single wafer.
These wafers are usually very sensitive to dirt and dust.
On top of that, the wafers get worn out with time due to consistent entry and removal of the key.
Once the tips of the single wafer begin to wear out, it becomes hard to turn the ignition switch, and thus, you find yourself juggling with the key to make it turn to no avail.

Honda are notorious for ignition problems. We offer ignition repair to all Ottawa areas, including Nepean, Kemptville, Gatineau, Kanata, and Vanier.

The Price of a Repair Locksmith Vs. a Dealer

Often, most dealers will recommend a brand-new ignition switch or a total replacement of your Honda’s locks, which is quite expensive.
Additionally, most Honda dealers rarely take enough time to pull out the ignition as well as fix it carefully.
You, therefore, end up paying the replacement as well as the towing fee.
professional automotive locksmith is way cheaper since they come to your location and provide on-site services.

Dealer price:

Honda dealer will charge between 900$-1200$ not including towing.

Our price:

We charge between 450$-600$ including 1 new key and we will come to you location.

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