Car Keys & Fob's Programming

Got a new car key online or from your dealer? we can program it at our location.

Chip Car Keys And car remotes programming

Nearly all cars manufactured from 1996 and onward have security features built in to prevent vehicle theft. These features include a “transponder chip” embedded inside your car key, so that not just any key can start your vehicle.

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We provide a variety of car key programming services, including:

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Car key or Remote Not Working? Maybe they need to be reprogrammed.

Does your car key turn the ignition but doesn’t start the car? It’s most likely that your transponder key and your car’s computer have lost sync.
This normally occurs due to a faulty key, a glitch in the system, or memory loss after the car battery dies.
Whether your car key no longer works, or you’ve bought new car keys and need them programmed, our professional car key programming services will come in handy.

Ways To Accurately Diagnose Your car key or remote:

  1. Car key remote batteries dead

  2. The key or remote is damaged

  3. Car key or remote not programmed

  4. Car battery is dead

How Car Key Programming Works

After cutting a new car key that turns the ignition, the next step is to program the transponder chip to the immobilizer system.
This involves plugging in a special computer into the vehicle, which synchronizes the transponder chip that’s integrated into the car key and the car’s engine control unit (ECU).

There’s another method of programming a car key, which is referred to as on-board programming.
This method involves conducting a sequence of turning the ignition switch on and off, which triggers the car’s ECU to recognize and register a new transponder car key.

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Frequently asked questions

Dodge key Fobs need to be replaced if they stop working programming the key will not help.

We can program the keys for the new computer for most cars.

Most Kia can only have maximum 2 keys in the system.

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