Why Are Car Keys So Expensive?

Way car key are so expensive (1)

Let's look at the many factors in lost car key replacement and car key programming.

There are many factors when it comes to replacing lost car keys and your car key programming.
Especially these days with vehicles outfitted with modern technology. 

We know its stressful losing your car keys and costs hundreds of dollars to have it replaced adding to the stress.
Compared to contacting the dealership or a mobile locksmith it is less expensive with the latter.
However, using a professional automotive locksmith adds up to added dollars. 

Therefore, you contact the dealership as you do not realize that an automotive locksmith can come to your location to recreate a key. 

– Save Money with your local automotive locksmith

Most people will call the dealership because they don’t realize a qualified automotive locksmith can come to their location and recreate the key.
That could save hundreds in a tow bill alone.

The truth is that your car key is not only a chunk of metal to turn on the ignition.
Yes, it switches on the vehicle but there is more involved.
You may find this in in the latest models. Your ignition needs a precise set of number bitting or cuts.

The truth is, this is your first line of defense to prevent auto theft taking place. Once you turn that key it engages the vehicle immobilizer. So what happens next?

– Your car key need to be programmed to the car computer

Your cars locked out to prevent it from starting. The only way to get it to start is to re-program the transponder chip found in the key to help it recognize the ECM/PCM.

With the help of an automotive locksmith, they use a car key programmer on the vehicle to add a new transponder chip to the cars computer. Once done, your new key can again start your car to get you back on the road.

These days automotive locksmith services provide you with advanced features even smart (proximity) keys with push start ignitions.

To help if ever you happen to lose your original car key, you can find a mobile automotive locksmith available to help with a replacement.

Contact Speedy Locksmith Ottawa today to help get your car started again.

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