How To Become A Professional Locksmith in Ottawa

Locksmith Duties

Being a locksmith in Ottawa is a valuable, skill-based profession that can be a steady source of income for years to come as long as human beings require locks.

Locksmiths perform a variety of services such as new locks replacement, emergency locksmith for you when you forget keys, rekeying locks, and installing locks among other things.

Locksmiths may work on a range from easy, everyday locks to highly sophisticated locking and security systems.

Generally, the duties of a locksmith include:
  • Selling and installing high-security lock systems and key control systems, window bars, deadlocks, and keyless entry locks
  • Repairing, replacing, or adjusting damaged or defective components of an entrance or exit door, including door closers, hinges, electric release mechanisms and sometimes the door itself
  • Changing lock key combinations by inserting new pins into locks.
  • designing complex master key systems for industry, governments, and institutions.

What kind of training do you need?

The best kind of training would involve an apprenticeship with a master locksmith.
There are classroom courses and online courses that you can take us avail, but nothing beats the hands-on training you can have with a true expert of the profession.

Most professional locksmiths in Ottawa regularly lock for new hires who they can train.
The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) is a good place to check out a list of approved training programs if you seek to enroll in.

In such courses, students can expect to have courses such as key identification, electronic keying, lock picking, master locks etc.

Most of these courses will have tools for practice that are used by professional locksmiths.
However, you are still unlikely to learn as much as you would if you were a trainee with a professional locksmith as nothing will substitute for real world experience.

More info about locksmith training courses

How long will it take to become a professional?

Becoming a full-fledged locksmith is no easy task and it may take a number of years for it happen.
Most locksmith training programs do not last for more than six months, and finding the right apprenticeship is often key to climbing the ladder relatively quickly.

Be aware that your apprenticeship will probably result in you making minimum wage so you’ll have to be prepared for the reality.
As you gain experience and the relevant certifications, you will be well placed to start your own business in an area with few established locksmiths.

Education Duration: 0-1 Year

The minimum education for a locksmith is a high school diploma.
Post-secondary training may last for six months up to four years.

What kind of licenses and certificates will you need?

In most states, locksmiths will need to either pass a licensing examination or finish a recognized training course.
Most jurisdictions will require you to obtain licenses for both when you are an apprentice and when you become a professional.
You will certainly need to pass a criminal background check.
Your CV will be boosted if you gain other relevant certifications to display your level of expertise.

In order to identify what these certifications are, you can ask your boss or you can visit the website of the ALOA Associated Locksmiths Of America or TAOL The Association of Ontario Locksmiths.

The ALOA often has stringent requirements for each category of certification, and earning these certificates would take a number of years as it requires you to display a high degree of skill.


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