High Security locks

Due to patented key control, it ensures only authorized users can have duplicate keys made.

Speedy Locksmith Ottawa has the experience and expertise to install cutting-edge lock systems to protect your home, business, or any other property from burglars.
Our professional locksmiths can help you locks for an high security lock.

High Security Locks - Ottawa

What is a High-Security Lock?

High-security locks consist of much more than extra-durable construction to keep your property safe and secure.
They incorporate a host of advanced features that make them pick and bump resistant; with their technologies being constantly updated. 

Are you moving house or to a new business location in Ottawa, ON or its environs? Worried about security or burglary? We offer high-security lock installation with 24-hour emergency locksmith service.

What Are Some of Their Special Features?

  • Uniquely shaped key ways that make them difficult to manipulate.
  • A host of internal mechanisms such as; sidebars, side cuts, and steel ball mechanisms that all work together to prevent turning without the original key.
  • High-security keys to precisely match the key-way.
    With patents and licensing blanks being closely controlled and monitored to prevent unauthorized duplication. 
  • They are manufactured with highly durable materials and elaborate construction details such as strong strike plates. This ensures drill resistance. 
only an authorized user can have duplicate keys cut.

Most common high security locks we install

high security dead bolt
High Security Dead Bolt
Mortise cylinder
Cylinder K.I.K
K.I.K Plug Cylinder
high security rim cylinder
Rim Cylinder

Why choose High-Security Locks ?

We would never recommend a security system that is not approved or that we are unsure about.
When contracting Speedy Locksmith, rest assured that you will be getting the best-quality high-security locking system that best suits your security needs. 

We are here to provide you with a robust locking mechanism with the latest state-of-the- the art design, and that complies with the highest standards.
A potential intruder doesn’t stand a chance against a professionally installed ultra-modern system.

High security for your home or business cannot be overemphasized.
Your property is not the only thing that is at stake here; but also your personal security and peace of mind. 

Call us today for a free estimate on our high-security locks installation service.

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