sliding door lock replacement & door repair

Do you have a sliding door that isn’t locking properly? Sliding doors are convenient and look great on your house or business.
The repair of sliding door locks requires the expertise and tools of a locksmith. The professionals at Speedy Locksmith in Ottawa will have your sliding door lock replaced in no time.
We serve residential and commercial customers in the Ottawa area.
Our friendly technicians stock the tools and parts to replace a variety of top brands quickly and efficiently.

Why You Need Your Sliding Door Lock Replaced Quickly

Businesses and retailers use sliding glass doors for convenience and curb appeal.
Customers can easily see into the store and walk through the door with various sized goods.
It is important that when you lock down your business at night, the lock is fully functioning.
A working lock prevents intruders from accessing your inventory, money, and important documents stored inside.
Homes also frequently have sliding doors to let light in from a garden or balcony.
Homeowners find the doors appealing, but a broken lock can be a risk to your home security.


Type Of Doors We Repair:

  • Pocket Sliding Doors

  • Sliding Bi-Fold Door

  • Patio Sliding Doors

  • Sliding French Doors

  • Accordion Doors


Emergency Sliding Door Lock Repair

A failed sliding door lock may not lock properly and can get stuck in a fixed position.
Intruders may exploit a broken lock to enter your property.
We can fix or replace the lock so it is in working order again. Sliding doors are on a track that can become damaged, causing the door to come off track or jam. We can inspect the track and set the sliding door back into alignment.

A door with a malfunctioning lock may not shut completely, allowing heat and cooling to escape.
Routine inspection and maintenance can help your sliding door and lock work longer and more smoothly.
Do not hesitate to call us 613.627.2954 for an inspection and repair if your door is not functioning 100%.

We offer 24-hour emergency service, so you don’t have to wait to get your sliding door lock repaired. We cover all the major brands and keep parts in stock for professional and efficient service in the Ottawa area.

Top 5 Common sliding door problem

  1. Broken or rusted rollers within your sliding door

  2. Worn down track or full of dirt

  3. Faulty lock or bolt

  4. Wear & Tear on Exterior Frame

  5. Bent Tracks

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