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Commercial Locksmith Service Ottawa

There are numerous big and small companies and stores in Ottawa, Ontario.
All these companies and stores have invested time and money in securing their commercial space in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents such as burglary, breakthroughs and other crimes. It is the responsibility of every business owner to ensure the safety and security of its employees and customers.
We are here to offer you top notch commercial locksmith services so that you can meet your security needs while working in Ottawa city.

Your Commercial Locksmith in Ottawa

Commercial LocksmithWe have sufficient experience working with some of the most reputed property management firms, retail stores and other commercial industries in the city.
We understand that the needs of commercial businesses are entirely different from the needs of residences.
These establishments are typically larger in size and have more complex security needs.
The technicians at
Locksmith Ottawa are quick, efficient and confident in commercial lock repairs and installations.
We are a 24/7 commercial locksmith service which means that you can call us for assistance at any time of the day or night.

Are you locked out of your office? Has an employee lost the master keys for the office? There is no need to worry because we are here to assist you with all such commercial lock related issues.
Some of the main commercial locksmith services offered by our company include the following:

  • Key cutting
  • Provision of spare and duplicate office keys
  • Opening, changing, repairing and installation of combinations of all kinds of safes
  • Maintenance, upgrading and/or repair of file cabinet locks
  • Emergency office lockout services
  • Dealing with high-security lock/key systems
  • Repair, maintenance and/or installation of high-security systems
  • Dealing with keyless entries and electronic keypads
  • Designing of master key systems

Locksmith Ottawa offers various other useful services as well

These include assisting you with the repair and installation of advanced commercial security systems, safes, security intercoms, CCTV cameras and much more.

We promise to offer you with unparalleled commercial locksmith services for your office, store or other commercial/business space in Ottawa.